Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My best friend survey

Do you have a best friend?
- Yes.

Who is your best friend?
- Ljungan irl and Kas online.

How long have you known your best friend?
- I've known Ljungan for 8 years I think and Kas for 3 or 4.

Do you tell your best friend everything?
- Yes, I do. they're my best friends which means I trust them completely.

Do you tell your best friend things you don't tell your partner?
- I probably would, yes, but I'm not sure.

What do you enjoy doing most with your best friend?
- Hanging ou and just having a good time.

What is your best memory of your best friend?
- Oh wow... Too much to choose from.

What is your worst memory of your best friend?
- Uh not sure. Don't think I have real bad memories of any of the two.

Do you and your best friend like the same things?
- Mostly, with minor differences. ^^

Have you and your best friend ever dated the same person?
- Hehe no.

Do you think you will still be in contact with your best friend in 25 years?
- Yes, I do.

What is the one thing you would change about your best friend?
- Nothing, my best friends are my best friends because of who they are, I would never want to change that.

What is the one thing your best friend would change about you?
- I'm guessing that I'm shy, but that's somethin I too want to change.

If your best friend moved away, would you be able to cope?
- I would, but barely, XD

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